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Friday, April 26, 2013

Maximum Impact Karate - FAST Cats Bully Defense Seminar

Bullying has become a hot topic in our schools and community. That's why I want to tell you a little about our FAST C.A.T.S (Children's Assertiveness Training Series) program created by Bill Kipp and we are part of the FAST Defense network which was voted the Best Self Defense Program in the Industry by Black Belt Magazine.

We understand as teachers and administrators at school and parents at home that you can't keep your eye on your kids all of the time. These times are when your child is susceptible to bullying.

Our Bully Defense Seminars empowers your child to assertively communicate to bullies and handle situations on their own. Our seminars teach interactive scenarios to the students so that they communicate properly to the bullies.

If you're a parent worried about your child getting bullied at school or school, boy/ girl scout troup, or church group, please contact us at 215-249-3532 to find out more information.

Here's a little flash of our Bully Defense Seminar that we teach here at the school.

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