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Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to make natural Dogbane Indian Hemp Cordage (Part 2/3)

To make the cordage, you need to buff the bark off of the fibers. This can be easily be done by rolling the strand on you leg. The outer bark breaks and flakes off leaving you with the fibers remaining.

After buffing the fibers, you are ready to start creating the cordage. The basic twining method demonstrated here is called the reverse wrap method.

The reverse twist starts with kinking the strand in a half by twisting in a clockwise direction with you right hand. This forms a loop.

Next, you start your reverse rolling by grabbing the top stain and twisting it away from you or clockwise then grabbing the bottom string and wrap it counter clockwise until the bottom strand is on the top. The process continues until you have a rope.

You can make it longer cord by splicing in additional strands.

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