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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to make a natural wood log planter using Wood Burning Technique - DIY

I played around with a Native American Wood Burning Bowl Making Technique to make a planter for my wife using cherry wood.

The steps to the wood burning bowl method.

First, I cut a section the bark off the top of the wood. You can cake mud around the edge to make sure it doesn't burn.

Second, to start the burning, you place hot coals on the wood. You can use a straw to gently blow on the coals but don't let it start a fire because that could crack the piece.

Third, Dump the coals out of the bowl and scrap the charred wood out. Repeat steps two and third until the bowl is formed.

Finally, I chipped the edges with a chisel and you can sand until smooth.

I drilled holes to the bottom to drain water.

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