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Friday, November 28, 2008

Tabata Exercise Awards

Okay, I told everyone that I was using the Tabata training method to see how effective it is. Go here to read more about the method.

Since that post, I have used the method at least once, many times twice a day for a few weeks now. I have tried many different exercises with the Tabata Method and want to give you an update on how good each exercise works.

As for my physical condition, the improvements on my heart beat recovery rate are absolutely amazing. For example, we went full out on the heavy bags with the Tabata method last night. After the last round, my heart rate clocked in at 176. This is a strong effort considering that my maximum heart rate at 37 years old is 183 (Max Heart Rate = 220-your age). In less than 3 minutes, my heart rate dropped below 100 beats/ minute and I was barely winded after finishing the last round.

When we started, my heart rate only got up to 160, I was winded for 5 minutes, and it took over 15 minutes for my heart rate to drop below 100. Most of my students that join me experienced the same fantastic results.

All in all, the Tabata training results are a total WOW!

Here’s the Tabata exercise awards…
Burpees/ Squat Thrusts – Award for most demanding overall for Cardio and Feeling the Burn.

Thrusters w/ the bands – Award for Overall Muscle Soreness

Heavy Bag free for all – Award for Best All around for Windedness and Soreness

Jumping Rope – Award for Best Cardio

Pushups – Award for Best Upper Body Workout. I can only manage 2 minutes of regular pushups than the last two minutes are knee pushups.

Squat and Front Kicks into Heavy Bag – Best Overall Leg Workout. Everyone felt this one in a different place depending on their weakest area.

Wind sprints – Insanity Award. What was I thinking to torture myself like this?

Sit-ups – Cramping Gut Award

Jumping Jacks – Beginner’s Award. These are probably the best exercise for a beginner.

If you have any other good exercises for the Tabata Method, please comment below so that I can try them out.

Sensei Tim Rosanelli
Maximum Impact Karate
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Sagan said...

I love your awards system for these exercises! That's a quality workout.

Gwen said...

Sensei, I have to agree with you on the sprints...i really thought i was going to puke afterwards...