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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Food Stamp Challenge 2009 - Day 1

Monday was my first day of the challenge. I discovered the hardest part of the challenge is resisting the tempting of all the food in my home that is not on my list. I didn't realize that this would require discipline.

Here's what I ate. I decided for simplicity that my lunch and dinner would be the same.
Breakfast - Oatmeal made with milk
Mid Morning Snack - 8oz milk, orange
Lunch - Homemade Wheat Pasta, tomato sauce with 4 oz Ground meat/ Salad with lettuce, carrots, oil, and vinegar
Mid Afternoon Snack - 8oz mild, orange
Dinner - Homemade Wheat Pasta, tomato sauce with 4 oz Ground meat/ Salad with lettuce, carrots, oil, and vinegar
Nighttime Snack - Homemade Kettle Corn which is popcorn cooked on the stove with oil and tablespoon of sugar

I realized that I didn't budget salad dressing so I did oil and vinegar which I am not to fond off. Everyone at our house loves popcorn. A few months ago, we started cooking it on the stovetop instead of buying microwavable. We found that popcorn tastes much better and cost about 10X less. It also requires about the same amount of time to cook. Makes you wonder why we were doing it in the microwave to begin with.

Here's a video for making pasta. I used just the flour and the eggs in the recipe.

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Giz said...

Sensei Tim, thanks for the challenge. I'm not sure if I will succeed as well as you because I am SO close on the dollar value, but you can see my purchases and plan at my blogpost,

Tim Rosanelli said...

Great to hear that you are joining the challenge. I think that I may need to go out and get a little more food so I may end up closer to the budget.

I under estimated the amount of tomato sauce. Also, I need a little more protein than I have since I workout alot my weekly protein requirement is high. I may do beans and rice.

Good luck to you. I am already considering doing another week where I can use the leftovers from this week and add more next week.

It's a really cool thought provoking experiment for me.