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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shopping for Food Stamp Challenge

Okay, I am preparing for my Food Stamp Challenge this week. For more information about the challenge click here.

I went shopping today. With me and Ester involved in the challenge, we have a total of $58.70 to spend on groceries for the week.

An interesting observation, I made shopping while shopping is that shopping for two is much easier than shopping for one because of the portions size. For example, a container of Oatmeal will make 30 servings but I only need 5 servings for the week.

It would be interesting to do this over the course of a few weeks because you could start to stock a supply of some staples. This would make creating some variety much easier.

Here's what I got for the week.
Eggs - 18
Milk - Gallon
White Flour - 5lbs
Wheat Flour - 5lbs
Oranges 3lbs
Potatoes 5lbs
Mozzarella Cheese 1lb
Tomato Sauce - 2 15oz cans
Ground Beef - 2 lbs

My total bill was $36.57. I left a buffer for any of the condiments that I need to add in and any last minute additions.

Today, I am going to cook my whole wheat bread recipe.

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Gwen said...

Good Luck, Sensei! looks like you have enough to keep you going..but what about your family? what are they going to eat?:)

Tim Rosanelli said...

Well, my daughter is never home anymore so she is eating whatever she wants. This challenge is kind of hard because of all of the extra food tempting you. I need great discipline to resist.